Manufacturing process

The production process is based on the worldwide validated technology application. The product complies with EN13706. Each product is given the manufacturing certificate and declaration of conformity.


Pultrusion process advantages

Machining operation


Pultrusion is a continuous production process for profile production through moulding die utilizing glass reinforcement impregnated with pre-accelerated resin. In the die there occurs a controllable heat – convertible resin polymerizes in the process. A fully moulded preconfigured profile is produced on exit. At that the finished process articles are comprised of 45% or more fiberglass material. A finished profile doesn’t require any further processing. The length of the article is unlimited and it is defined by needs of customers or transportation possibilities.

Machining operation

All machining operations (turning, drilling, milling, and cutting) are quite acceptable in production of glass - composite articles. Also cold pressing can be used for hole-making. For cutting of moulding profiles there are being applied stationery and circular saws, used for aluminum or timber treatment, or electric hand tools. High speed diamond saw blades are used in order to get a qualitative cut. The peripheral speed of the saw blade should make at least 3000 m/min.

The hole-making operations are executed applying either diamond or cBN (cubic boron nitride) auger at a bench-type drilling machine, also applying electric hand tools. The peripheral speed of the tool should make from 45 up to 150 m/min., feed rate should make from 0,05 up to 0,10 mm/rev.

Turning, milling and threading can be executed at machines with the tool-cutting speed within the interval from 180 up to 300 m/min. As a tool there are being used turning cutters equipped with diamond, cBN or corundum inserts. Hard alloy metal as well as high-speed steel turning cutters, milling cutters and augers are being applied in individual production.

Grinding work and surface conditioning are executed by special machines or by electric hand tool applying paper or woven abrasive tape with granularity 40 – 100 and an abrasive corundum wheel.

At all types of machining operations the tool cooling and chip clearance are executed by compressed air.

For chip clearance and dusting a workplace should be equipped with local exhaust ventilation with a dust chamber. Personnel involved in glass composite machining operations must be provided with personal protective equipment (gloves, a respirator, goggles etc.) according to labor protection norms and regulations.

Pultrusion process advantages
The process provides maximum flexibility in profile design.
Fiberglass profiles can be designed with special resistance abilities ( for example fire-resistance, different physical- mechanical properties, electric insulation properties and so on).
The profile colour is same in any cross section cut, and it makes further painting during use not necessary in many cases.
With pultrusion it is possible to produce standard and complex-shape profiles. It makes much easier to put together a construction members.
Use of pultruded FRP profiles improves ready product and construction quality.
Pultrusion process benefit 6
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